Sinneh Njai Sessay






Sinneh Njai Sessay, aka Sinbob, has been attending WAYout courses from the beginning when we did not have our own hub and ran courses at iEARN. He completed documentary, editing and scriptwriting courses and it was clear, quite early on, that he was going to focus on filmmaking.

He managed the project funded by Claus and is about to run the GLBTI training funded by Lush with Kabba.

He was an active part of The Way group and is seen, above, holding up the award won for ‘The Way‘. He is the Director of Photography so he does the shooting but he also teaches members of the group how to shoot and look after cameras. He has made several dramas and is always keen to make sure they have a social message within the entertainment. He has gone on to attend courses elsewhere, done some paid shoots and still volunteers at iEARN.

Sinbob is also a talented musician and he supported The Way Street Boyz to record their track ‘Nor Blame We‘ and was part of  the WAYout AnthemLove CaseHungerland and Star.

Along with Alimamy Kamara, he received a certificate for Achievement from WAYout in August 2013, for his work with The Way Street group and graduated in 2016.