Victor Kamara

drama 3







Victor Kamara aka Drama aka Spring Bounzer (his editing name) has been known to WAYout for 4 years. He is one of the Black Street Family, a group of about 200 street youth who live near the stadium which is also near the WAYout hub. Black Street range in age from six to 35 years old but most of them are in the 18 to 30 age group. They used to have a fearsome reputation for violence, drug dealing and robbery but that is changing. Initially we only knew Drama as one of the performers on tracks like ‘Sierra da Paradise‘ and ‘Hustle and Tussle’.

Late one evening, in 2012, during rainy season, Drama came in to the hub. He was very upset and requested someone went with him to see where his family lived and the floods that had risen to ceiling height. So Josta Hopps went with him, with a camera. The place where his family lived was indeed underwater. Drama sat down and cried. His street cool left him and he wept. He said he had tried to go back to his family but how could he live somewhere underwater. He didn’t want to go back to the streets because it wasn’t safe, you slept with one eye open. He felt his life was lost, he had given up on education and he didn’t know what to do. We told him to go and find a place to live and 24 hours later he came back saying he had found a room (shack) so we paid for it.  One year’s rent was £50.

After that Drama started coming in regularly. Volunteer Gemma taught him how to use photoshop and he was constantly at a computer, except he wasn’t. No-one could disappear quite like Drama could. There one minute and gone the next ‘off to do his hustle’. He could not focus and so was very slow to get anything finished. But he kept coming, often being the last to leave.

Volunteer Brian showed him how to shoot videos and slowly, over the months, instead of working at his projects 10% of the time and hustling the other 90%- he reversed that and now is always focused, always doing something. He is very creative, constantly coming up with new projects, new approaches. He has recorded his own music tracks, made two music videos and a dance video- ‘Diamond Briefcase‘ and ‘Lock Me Up’.