WAYout Pro

WAYout Pro is the professional arm of WAYout.  We have made many award winning films, films that promote the work of other NGOs such as Street Child, WaterAid and the UNFAO, series for National TV and one off documentaries for BBC World. Our music videos are often in the top ten and in international festivals.

2018- WaterAid, Untapped

WAYout filmmakers worked for four months on WaterAid’s annual campaign. This year they focused on building a well in a remote village, Tombohuaun, in Sierra Leone and WAYout supported villagers in using their own cameras and made films following the progress of the well and short ‘how to’ films. Alusine Kamara, Josta Hopps and Susan Kargbo were the filmmakers.

Here Sellu shows us how to make a toilet

2017/18 The Vet -eight part documentary series for AYV.

WAYout produced an eight part, 30 minutes series following the animals, their owners and the team at the only veterinary clinic in Sierra Leone. Dr Gudush Jalloh has dedicated his life to animal welfare and tackles anything from depressed dogs to rabies.  Filmmakers Mohamed Kamara and Josta Hopps. Broadcast on AYV TV


                                                         The Vet trailer

2017 Frank in Freetown

The story of Frank Turner’s visit to Freetown. Arena star Frank Turner visited gully sides at Susan’s Bay and Ferry Junction, performing and raising awareness. We followed him and recorded his thoughts and impressions in this 30 minute documentary.

Frank Turner

                                                    Frank in Freetown

2017 Kolonko- Advocaid/ Mama Cash

Kolonko tells the stories of sex workers in Sierra Leone and the abuse they face at the hands of their clients and the police, commissioned by Advocaid. BBC World Service and Voice of America interviewed AdvocAid and it has been screened in London and with development actors in Freetown, such as UN Women, GIZ, and a coalition of organisations working on gender-based violence. The Inspector-General of Police, Dr. Richard Moigbe has instructed officers to only arrest sex workers when there is reasonable suspicion that they have committed a criminal offence after seeing the documentary.


2016- After the Jungle- BBC World

After the Jungle is the story of Mash P, an ex child soldier, brutalised by the Sierra Leonean conflict. Still struggling to find peace , Mash P returns to meet some of the people he knew during and just after the war. Available through Journeyman

After the Jungle BBC iplayer copy

                                                     After the Jungle