laurel_wreath1WAYout is proud to have won the following film and music awards.




observer 2


Not an award but WAYout is proud of Josta Hopps whose photograph was published on the front of the Observer




my side still

My Side by Steven Tommy, one of the series on mental health, won best documentary at the Opin Yu Yi Human Rights Festival 2014





Na So You dea Work

Guns in Town -song by Thomas Wisdom aka Mr Wise and video by Gibo, won best music video at Opin Yu Yi Human Rights festival 2014




films hustle and tussle SG tunnel


Hustle and Tussle by Black Street Family and made by Brian Mcandrew won best music video at the Sierra Leone International Film Festival, 2013



al jazeera pirate fishing

Stop Illegal Fishing by Chanting Bee and Jmill, winner of the Al Jazeera song writing competition won best Human Rights music video at Opun Yu Yi Human Rights festival, 2013



films The Way screen grabs JJ dead

The Way short drama by The Way street film group, directed by Alimamy Kamara, won 2nd prize for best Human Rights film at the Opun Yu Yi Human Rights festival, 2013



The WAYout Videos


WAYout Anthem won best music video at the Freetown Film Festival, 2012




black street hustle

Sierra Da Paradise by Black Street Family, video mad with the support of Brian Mcandrew, won best music video SLIFF, 2012





WAYout documentary, directed by Michael Chandler and Hazel Chandler won best music documentary at the Philadelphia Film Festival


Sequence 1


Diamond Briefcase, by Injection, won best hip hop track in Kono music Awards. 2012






Peace Song by Joseph and Josephine won best peace song as voted by radio listeners, 2012




Mr FatherBack in D Game
by 16 year old Mr Father won the popular vote for best song in a in a radio call in, 2013