Partner Projects


British and Irish Music Academy ran a fundraiser with WAYout and raised music equipment for the studio



GOAL albumGOAL – Fight Drugs With Music campaign:

GOAL ran a song writing competition with street youth, the theme was to write something about long term health and street life. The winners recorded their vocals at the WAYout/Strummerville studio and the result is a great album.

UnknownAlJazeera broadcast a report into the illegal fishing, off the shores of Sierra Leone, that is robbing local fishermen of their livelihood. WAYout ran a song writing competition on this theme which was open to street youth and fishermen. The winner was ‘Stop Illegal Fishing’ by Chanting Bee and Kmill and the video was made by Josta Hopps and Mohamed Conteh. Runner up was Samuel Senesie with ‘Say No to Illegal Fishing’


marie stopes

WAYout ran a script writing competition for Marie Stopes Sierra Leone.  They wanted to produce two short dramas for use in their clinics and as part of outreach work. The themes were long term family planning and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The aim was to try and encourage people, especially in the provinces, to use family planning and to encourage young men, especially in the cities, to use protection. The winning entries were recorded by WAYout in English and Krio . “Trouser Trouble” by Brian James and “Bite What You Can Chew” by Mohamed Sheriff.


free your mind


WAYout ran two filmmaking workshops for some of the girls who attend Free Your Mind. Josta Hopps was the tutor and the girls produced short documentaries.




shoot with Africa youth circle say no to violence

WAYout joined forces with Africa Youth Circle to produce a short drama “By Ballot not by Bullet” which was released before the elections to encourage peaceful voting and inform people how to vote





WAYout supported the AYPAD dancers, made up of street girls or girls out of education. We bought them drums and costumes and made the promotional video so that they could get paid gigs. They are now a successful group of dancers and acrobats who perform regularly.




WAYout worked with Young Hopes Africa at Kissi Refugee Settlement. We helped repair the roof of the local school and then ran courses there in art, for the younger children, and filmmaking for adults. Volunteer Jenny taught the children and Daniel Hurley and Hazel Chandler taught film. We hope to repeat this progamme.