Staff in Sierra Leone

STAFF -all WAYout staff have come up through WAYout

MOHAMED S. KAMARA -National Manager. Known to us as MSK, MSK came to WAYout through the Way Film Group. He was a member acting and shooting dramas and making music videos. He joined the staff in 2016.  His other roles include senior filmmaker working on a documentary about street gangs. He teaches camera and editing to new students and supports more experienced ones.

SUSAN KARGBO – Susan is currently running the Women’s Media Group in the provinces and in Ferry Junction. Susan joined WAYout as a member in 2012. She completed most of the courses and graduated in 2016. Susan ran outreach projects with women in Susan’s Bay and trained people at Kissi Town and Ferry Junction. When she became a member of staff it was to support female members of WAYout and bring in more women from the street. she made a documentary about FGM and domestic abuse and she tackles serious current affairs issues.  She also teaches photoshop.

ABUBAKARR GBLAKnown to us as Bullet. Bullet lived on the streets for 18 years, from being a small boy and became gang leader. One day he made the decision to change from drugs and theft to filmmaking. He has impressed us all by his commitment to change and is now security guard at WAYout and is making a documentary about gang life and how people get trapped in it. He returns to his ‘hood’ every Sunday and runs a film group, Unity,  hoping to get others out of crime and in to something more positive. Turning your back on what you have known for                                years is not easy and we all have great respect for Bullet

JOHN NASHVILLE KALOKOH – John trained with WAYout in filmmaking before training with James as a studio engineer. He worked as a volunteer before becoming a member of staff. He now manages the studio in the male prison, recording tracks and running weekly dance and exercise groups and rap cyphers. For some prisoners this is the highlight of the week and the only thing they leave their cell for. The sessions give hope and a goal to work towards one released.

SAMUEL BAMIE KONIKA The latest member of the Freetown staff. Bamie is front facing- managing bookings, supporting members emotional needs, helping members with their projects, greeting guests, managing equipment and when he has time, making his own films and music. He was born in a small town called Kamakwie and raise by his Grandmother whose only source of income was farming.
I headed for Freetown but had little support . He became a song writer and would love to be a music teacher and a photographer. 


SAMUEL SULUKU is manager of WAYout Taiama. He was born in Taiama, Kori chiefdom Moyamba District. He started doing art work at the age of seven and that was when his parents noticed that he had a problem with his vision but they admired his talent. Samuel wanted to do Art work at higher level but there was nobody to support him into further education. He completed secondary school and qualified to do further studies but his mother had died and his father was no longer working so there was nobody to pay school fees. WAYout enabled Samuel to take care of himself and his family.