Stella Harding has been to Sierra Leone twice and started the very successful poetry group. There are now two books of poems “Written Off” and “Street Rhymes

Volunteering for WAYout gave me an opportunity to develop creative skills I didn’t really know I had and find enormous joy in helping others discover and develop their creative potential.



Volunteering not only supports the people in Sierra Leone who you work with but offers you the opportunity to expand your own knowledge,  build a portfolio or enhance your CV and gain experiences that you will never forget. It works both ways. Many of our volunteers go back again and we are very grateful to all of them.

certificates brianvolunteers Brian in studio

”Thank you for setting me up volunteering, it really was a fantastic experience. I was eventually able to live independently but I would have never felt comfortable traveling to a country like Sierra Leone without the help that wayout provided.” – Brian Mcandrew, USA, who is now in his fourth visit and has spent several months in Freetown and Makeni.

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Volunteering  in Sierra Leone gave me a real chance to change people lives. It was truly an amazing experience, the people I worked with were fantastic.  I will be going back as soon as I can. ”
Alan Sim. Alan was teaching documentary making. He is always busy and directs BAFTA winning shows like The Only Way is Essex amongst other things.

certificates women wendie

Wendie Ottewill was series director of “Living with the Amish” and is currently shooting in the favelas of Brazil. She has been to Sierra Leone twice. The first time she ran a documentary making workshop for women and the second she ran a filmmaking class for a mixed group
James Adams teaching studio engineering.  Equipment donated by Strummerville

James Adams teaching studio engineering.
Equipment donated by Strummerville










James Adams, a brilliant musician, set up the WAYout/Strummerville music studio and spent five weeks training people to be studio engineers and record live music

Volunteers Hannah teaching animationcertificates gemma

Hannah Mcinerny taught animation and Gemma Mcneil Walsh, who has been twice, ran a course in journalism and, in September 2013, directed an observational documentary whilst training and mentoring the crew.

christinas classChristina presenting a certificate to student Mary

Christina Peake, an established UK artist, ran two comic book drawing classes in which students were asked to draw and write about their own lives. 12 people completed the course- four were women.

Volunteer Daniel Hurley spent 2 months in Sierra Leone Summer 2010 teaching in Kissi Refugee settlement and working with musicians and says “Volunteering for Wayout has been an incredible experience and is a great chance to meet and work with creative individuals and help them make the most of their talents. There was so much to get involved with and I have gained a lot from the adventure.”

danielvolunteers JENNY AND KIDS

Jenny taught photoshop and also ran an arts workshop in Kissi refugee settlement.

If you can teach digital media- camera, sound, directing, producing, scripting, editing or music- any musical instruments or digital recording programmes especially logic. Design programmes like photoshop or animation programmes. If you can teach writing- scripts, proposals, funding applications, CVs. If you are skilled in budgeting, planning, accounting- we can use you.

We also need volunteers in the UK to help with fundraising, events, promotion or website management


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