Ghost Killer

Secret Friends, Public Enemies.

Two members of rival gangs become friends, swapping the knife for the pen. Rapper Ghost Killer and poet Tejan come together to write but can their friendship survive the bitter feuding between the gangs?

Based on true stories, Ghost Killer is directed and shot by people who are or were on the street and in gangs and all the actors are still gang members. Five rival gangs in Freetown came together to make the film and the producers want to show the reality behind gang life and the reasons young people get drawn in to that lifestyle and cannot get out of it. 

Ghost Killer is currently screening on SLBC and AYV and is regularly screened in the gulleyside where it was made generating lively debate about the issues raised. WAYout is continuing with this model of filmmaking- made and starring local people to better reach the community audience.

A WAYout Production: STARRING Fallah Koroma as Ghost Killer and Abdulraman Kargbo: DIRECTED by Mohamed S Kamara:                PRODUCER Hazel Chandler : DOP Josta Hopps: SOUND Alhaji Kondeh: PRODUCTION MANAGER Tejan Bah



The Choice (trailer here ) was WAYout’s first feature film, released July 2018. We are delighted that it premiered at the ‘Out of Africa’ festival

THE CHOICE laurels OFFICIAL SELECTION - Out of Africa International Film Festival - 2018

The Choice is available on DVD. To buy a copy donate £10.00 (or more) using the mydonate button above or through paypal using and email us at the same address to tell us you bought a copy with name and address.


Written by Foday Sillah; starring Nathaniel A. Sesay and Abdul Aziz Kamara, The Choice was written, acted, directed and crewed entirely by street youth. It was shot during rainy season and the noise of the rain, loud music or generators meant the whole sound track had to be recreated. Tejan Bah went out and recorded nearly 500 sounds and all actors, including the children, came in to the studio to dub their own voices.

Director Foday Sillah had very clear ideas about the music he wanted- a female voice drifting over the roof tops, so Lis Murphy came in to the studio to lay down some sounds. The crew went up to Kono to record the final scenes. It took a year to complete and Foday Sillah is now writing his next film.

Alusine and Wilfred 2

Sillah (direcotr) Alusine Boloma

max and joe argue

joe mining

Joe at funeral

joe and wife

Joe- Nathaniel Sesay    Max – Abdul Aziz Kamara    Young Joe – Musa Kamara

Young Max – Ibrahim Kamara    Ramatu – Margaret Tarawallie

D.O.P. Alusine Kamara    Sound – Alhaji Tejan Bah, Wilfred Cole

Production Manager – Alhaji Tejan Bah, Saidu Kamara

Original Music – Thomas Wise Amara, Lis Murphy, Xander

Post Production – John Kalokoh, Josta Hopps, Gibrilla Kamara

Producer – Hazel Chandler

Director/ writer – Foday Sillah

WAYout Productions