Since opening our centre in summer 2012:

  • over 4000 young people used the WAYout hub

all certificates

1040 completed certificated courses. This includes:

  • Documentary filmmaking, level 1 and 2;
  • Introduction to Final Cut Editing;
  • Script writing;
  • Photoshop;
  • Introduction to Stop Frame Animation;
  • Lyric Writing;
  • Studio Engineering Level 1 and 2;
  • Journalism;
  • Drawing, painting and crafts
  • Dance
  • Comic book illustration
  • Logic software
  • Mental health awareness in the Sierra Leone media.

girl camera family

training josta teaching 2

2000 tracks have been recorded in the studio involving 568 artists.

52 engaged in Ferry Junction

180 in Kissi Town

810 people were involved in filmmaking – including music promos, drama, features and documentaries.

over 300 films, documentaries, music videos and short dramas were made covering subjects from comedy to social issues – such as

  • street life
  • ebola prevention
  • factory farming
  • road traffic accidents
  • sex workers
  • homelessness
  • family planning.
  • mental health


to date:

– 32  street youth were supported to find employment in media-related roles following engagement in a WAYout course. More found employment elsewhere
108 street youth were able and supported to re-engage with their families
– WAYout also secured housing for 85 street youth. With more funding, we could help more off the streets.



In total, we estimate that our films have been seen by and influenced at least 2,000,000 people. These vary from influential government policy-makers and NGO leaders, national media organisations, to local and rural communities across Sierra Leone. These break down as follows:

“After the Jungle” was aired on BBC World

To date, we have reached an international audience of 140,848 people watching our films on  YouTube

National TV audience – c.50,000*

Many of our programmes are broadcast on national TV station SLBC (Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation), Star Television and AYV Television

*SLBC state they have a daily audience of 300,000 across Sierra Leone, so this is one sixth of a daily audience.

Festival audiences – at least 5000

Several WAYout films have been screened and won awards at Sierra Leone International Film Festival and Opin Yu Yi, where audiences have included government ministers, the British Council, international journalists and NGO leaders, as well as groups of local street youth.

Opin Yu Yi has also toured the country screened WAYout films including ‘The Way’, ‘Hustle and Tustle’ and ‘Trouser Trouble’. Opin Yu Yi had over 2000 at one of their screenings in Kenema alone.

Films have also been in The International Reel Youth Festival which travels the world and in Global Dialogues competitions which has an online audience of several thousands.

Outreach to local and rural communities – at least 3000.

Dramas like ‘Trouser Trouble” and “Bite What You Can Chew” made for Marie Stopes, were used in outreach and shown in Marie Stopes clinics. Trouser Trouble has 5000 views on youtube and Bite What you Can Chew over 20,000 views.