In Sierra Leone


john and gibo


John and Gibo are the WAYout studio engineers, trained by James Adams who was funded by The Joe Strummer Foundation. Gibo knows what it is to be on the streets and had a tough few years before he started the engineering training.

“If I hadn’t come to WAYout my life would be lost.  I was living in the streets doing bad things, living with bad friends. WAYout has made me to be what I am today.”

John was unemployed with no idea what he could do with his life. His family had no money to send him to college. Since he has been with WAYout, he not only learned how to be a studio engineer, he also learned shooting and editing and makes music promos for WAYout artists.



Known to us as MSK. MSK came to WAYout through the Way Film Group and now he manages the bookings for cameras, logic and editing. He wants to become a documentary filmmaker. MSK’s life was going nowhere until he came to WAYout.




Known to us as Easyman. Easyman also came through The Way Film group and quickly learnt filmmaking and photoshop. He now teaches others photoshop once a month. The rest of the time he makes music videos, comedy and drama. Easyman lived on the streets for a long time but finally found a home through the WAYout grants scheme.

gas p


Like Easyman, Gas P is a member of The Way Film Group. He still lives on the streets but, through the WAYout grant scheme, we hope he will soon have a home. Gas and Easyman came to WAYout on the same day and together they teach the photoshop course. Gas P makes music videos and short dramas.


Mariama Kargbo

Mariama Kargbo






Mariama was one of the first women to come to WAYout. She was doing nothing as she had no money to continue her education. She learnt filmmaking and is dedicated to documentary making. She represents the WAYout women with Susan Kargbo.





WAYout girls in studio


Above with the WAYout girls- 2nd from left. Susan represents the women, with Mariama. Susan has done photoshop and filmmaking – she won one of the photoshop competitions with her Ebola poster design. She now focuses on documentary and was one of the team, with Mariama and Mahawa Kamara, to make the Claus Project FGM documentary.


Josta has also spent time on the streets and until he found filmmaking, had no idea where his life was going. Now he earns a living making features, music clips and documentaries but he also helps out at WAYout, sometimes running training workshops or helping individuals with their projects. Josta had a photograph on the front page of the Obeserver on Sunday during the Ebola crisis.

Josta teaching the Free Your Mind group

Josta teaching the Free Your Mind group


Alimamy gets an Achievement certificate


Alimamy runs The Way Film Goup. He is their director and they have so far made several short dramams including award winning ‘The Way’, several shorts including prize winning short for Global Dialogues and ‘No Strings Attached’ and they have also recorded an album.

josta sinbob


Known as Sinbob, on the left with Josta. Sinbob came to WAYout through iEARN and did all the WAYout training courses. He is also one of the best teachers and really enjoys passing on his knowledge. He co-runs The Way Film Group with Alimamy, overseeing the album production. He also Project Managed The Claus Project, teaching new documentary filmmakers and finding new artists.

Alimamy Kamara and Mohamed Conteh with award from Opun Yu Yi festival

Alimamy Kamara and Mohamed Conteh with award from Opun Yu Yi festival


Mohamed (above with Alimamy and the awards they won at the Opun Yu Yi Human Rights Film festival) is the third member of WAYout who co-runs The Way Film Group. His focus is sound. He is one of the few to be really interested in sound and he does logic, keyboards and sound recording. He also makes music videos and took an active part in the radio show we did recently.