In Sierra Leone




GIBRILLA KAMARA -Gibo (far left standing)

Gibo is now manager of WAYout in Sierra Loene. He joined WAYout as a member learning filmmaking after a few tough years on the street. In 2012 he trained as a studio engineer with James Adams who visited WAYout funded by the Joe Strummer Foundation. Gibo worked initially as a volunteer and became staff in 2013. He has recorded, mixed and mastered over 600 tracks and sometimes makes music videos. He also runs the daily finances at WAYout and much more


John also trained with WAYout in filmmaking before training with James as a studio engineer. He worked as a volunteer before becoming a member of staff. He too has recorded over 600 tracks, trains members in logic and studio production and makes music videos. He manages WAYout’s grants system which helps members off the streets into homes.

JOSTA HOPPS (far right standing)

Josta spent time on the streets and joined WAYout to learn filmmaking.  He shot dramas, music videos and a feature film Way Out, the Longest Dream which was launched in Freetown in 2017. He started working freelance for WAYout making films for other NGOs like Street Child and Children in Crisis and award winning music videos. He also developed his skills as a photographer and had photos exhibited in the UK and USA plus one on the front page of the Observer during the Ebola crisis. He now works for WAYout training members in video making and producing drama, music videos and documentaries (8 part series The Vet for AYV, WaterAid etc)

MOHAMED S. KAMARA (right kneeling)

Known to us as MSK, MSK came to WAYout through the Way Film Group. He was a member acting and shooting dramas and making music videos. He joined the staff in 2016 and now manages members’ bookings for cameras, logic and editing, registration and keeps the databases. He teaches camera and editing and shoots documentaries. He has worked for Street Child, Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope and recently an Aljazeera film.

SUSAN KARGBO (second from left, standing)

Susan joined WAYout as a member in 2012. She completed most of the courses and graduated in 2016. Susan ran outreach projects with women in Susan’s Bay and trained people at Kissi Town and Ferry Junction. When she became a member of staff it was to support female members of WAYout and bring in more women from the street. Susan was one of the team working on the WaterAid project, she made a documentary about FGM with Mariama Kargbo as part of the Claus Project and tackles serious current affairs issues.  She also teaches photoshop  and filmmaking. She is currently running the women’s project in the provinces.

ALUSINE KAMARA (second from left, standing)

Alusine was known to us originally as Easyman, gang leader and street youth. He joined the Way Film group in 2012 and quickly learnt filmmaking and photoshop. He left his street image behind, including the name Easyman, and joined the staff in 2017. He shot the documentary about Frank Turner’s visit and the feature film The Choice and was one of the filmmakers working on the WaterAid project.  He now teaches photoshop and filmmaking and spends three days most weeks out at Kissi, Town training new members.