WAYout believes in the power of media to change, inform and entertain. WAYout was co-founded by award winning international filmmaker Hazel Chandler and the standard of teaching has enabled WAYout members to make films (drama, documentary and music videos) which have won awards and been official selection at International festivals and been broadcast on National and International TV. We also make films for NGOs such as Street Child, UNFAO and WaterAid. Please get in touch if you want a film made or wish to screen WAYout films. 


Many of our films have been screened in film festivals around the world, won awards and been broadcast on BBC and CNN. We have trained people who are now professional filmmakers for broadcasters or work as freelancers. We have made films for WaterAid, UNFAO, Street Child, Children in Crisis, Marie Stopes, Advocaid and other NGOs.

We offer free filmmaking facilities and training to enable street and disadvantaged young people to explore their talent and gain confidence and belief in themselves. We also offer training to a professional standard to those who want to work in media.

Films range from music promos to documentaries, short and feature length dramas to current affairs. Please visit our youtube for all our films –youtube


WaterAid Untapped campaign, that three of our filmmakers worked on, won Best Global Fundraising and Advocacy Campaign award. WAYout’s Josta Hopps, Susan Kargbo and Alusine Kamara were employed to make short films about the well being built, ‘how to’ films such as ‘How to Gut a Fish’ or ‘How to Dance Mende’ as well as supporting the villagers to take their own photographs. The campaign aimed to bring a picture of life in a small village called Tombuhuan to life for the funders. 


Advocaid’s Kolonko -WAYout made a film for Advocaid called Kolonko, which is about the abuse of sex workers and the poverty trap they find themselves in. reviewed in the guardian

The Choice (trailer here ) is WAYout’s first feature film, released July 2018. We are delighted that it premiered at the ‘Out of Africa’ festival

THE CHOICE laurels OFFICIAL SELECTION - Out of Africa International Film Festival - 2018

The Choice is available on DVD. To buy a copy donate £10.00 (or more) using the mydonate button above or through paypal using and email us at the same address to tell us you bought a copy with name and address.


We made numerous music videos and project songs. And produced an eight part series ‘The Vet’ for AYV TV.


“Say No To Early Sex” was in festivals carrying a strong message for girls and women.


The Way Film group is shooting a drama series, a soap, about street life.  It will be entertaining but also a vehicle for issues like domestic violence, poverty and drug abuse.

Three WAYout members- Sinneh Sesay, Josta Hopps and Mohamed Kamara are making a series of short films for Street Child. So far 74 have been made.

We are making a documentary for Advocaid about the rights of sex workers.

The writers group are working on part 2 of “Damaged Heart”- a drama about rape and it’s consequences.

my side still

My Side

by Steven Tommy has just WON best documentary award at the Opin Yu Yi Human Rights festival 2014. Following the workshops on mental health issues, Steven made this dramatised documentary based on his own life.

Guns In Town

WON best music video at Opin Yu Yi Human Rights festival 2014. Song by Thomas Wisdom Amara, aka Mr Wise and video by Gibrilla Kamara aka Gibo.

no strings

No Strings Attached

A short dramatised film by The Way Street group, on the theme -solutions to poverty. Made with the support of volunteer Brian McAndrew and just played in the Opin Yu Yi film festival 2014..

prison is not

Prison is Not the Answer

Prison is Not the Answer is a short animated film by Gibrilla Kamara, aka Gibo, and came out of the mental health workshops. It just played in the Human Rights festival Opin Yu Yi. It is the story of a man who loses his job and falls into depression and the drawings are by Ali K


Way Out- The Longest Dream

Josta Hopp’s first feature film. It is the story of a young boy who is given a magic ring which enables him to see the future in his dreams. But is it a blessing or a curse?

opun yu yi awards

The Way

Made by street youth and directed  by Alimamy Kamara, The Way  WON an award at the Opun Yu Yi Human Rights festival 2013. They have now formed The Way film group with 50 members and have made several more shorts.

films hustle and tussle SG BS

Hustle and Tussle

WON best music video award at the Sierra Leone International Film Festival 2013.

Sierra da Paradise

WON best music video in the Sierra Leone International Film Festival 2012

Animation – examples of the animation done in a class run by Hannah Mcinerny who taught drawn and stop frame animation.

That’s Me– Wahid

Wo Dat Na Yu – Peepuls
Peace for Development is Artists for Peace latest track. WAYout volunteer Brian Mcandrew directed this for Wahid, Cee-Jay, Daddy Ash, Laurish and many more. Guest appearances from footballer Mohamed Kallon.


Internationally award winning Documentary about the music scene in Sierra Leone in 2007. Directed by Hazel Chandler, reporter Michael Chandler. Includes artists Wahid, Positive Crew, Alonzo

Street to Street Introduction

The first film in the Street to Street series introducing us to the six street youth communicating with schools in the UK as we follow their jouney off the streets and in to education. ‘a phenomenal insight’

Street to Street one year later an update on the 6 young people taking part in S2S one year on.

Life– Cee Jay

Girl an Egg-X-Luv and KC-Ville

Time to be Serious– Slash G

Love Case-Nice J and Sinbob

Broom and Basket-Alimamy Kamara and Josta Hopps. This was in the Opun Yu Yi Human Rights film festival in 2012

Majestic Records Anthem With the help of volunteer Daniel Hurley, this is a fun music clip for majectic records.

Trouser Trouble Written by Brian James, Trouser Trouble is one of the prize winners of the WAYout/Marie Stopes script writing competition to raise awareness on the subject of sexually transmitted diseases.

Bite What You Can Chew Written by Mohamed Sheriff the other winner of the WAYout/Marie Stopes competition. This is about long term family planning. Restless Development actors helped make the film

WAYout AYPAD Cultural Dancers A group of street girls come together to make the WAYout/AYPAD cultural dancers. Available for performances.

WAYout Christmas Concert December 2009 the African Gospel singers wowed the audience with their amazing singing and De Champ had them dancing in the aisles

Dark Night ex street youth Josta Hopps made this short documentary about his life supported by WAYout.

Fire in the Lungs Volunteer Daniel Hurley supported iEARN members to make this anti smoking short

Big Time Party a music clip by Chris C supported by WAYout

My Last Choice written by Josta Hopps this short drama looks at relationships affected by HIV. Shot with the support of WAYout

Blood Diamonds Song Moyamba School of Technology wrote a song about the blood diamonds for Rafi-ki. WAYout met with them in Freetown and recorded the song

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