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Mash P has just returned from performing in Rotterdam in September 2018 which was very exciting. Prince Claus Fund invited him and he appeared at WORM an avantgardistic theatre and arts space.  Mash P is one of WAYout’s most talented artists. He is currently part of the Prince Claus project and this is his latest track under that project. Nobody to Wait For He has completed his first album “Mr President- Wat Ar Gwan?” on bandcamp  and during Frank Turner’s visit, Mash recorded After the Jungle which Frank featured.

Mash P, real name Nathaniel Sesay, also starred in WAYout’s first feature film The Choice and is a star photographer. Several of his photographs will be exhibited in the UNSEEN exhibition in London, September 18th 2018 – 7th October 2018.

Dancehall class

First look at the studio









Nobody Mi Nor Wait

I could Never Run Away

Without You ft Natasha

No Justice for the Poor 

Larmor Du’unc

Mr President


Different Story