Mash P

Mash P lived on the streets for 12 years after the conflict. ‘Music saved my life’ says Mash and so it would seem.
He recorded many tracks at WAYout before getting a global talent visa to go to the UK and study music production at ICMP and Point Blank music colleges in London. He has toured with Frank Turner and played Glastonbury in 2022. Ronan Keating donated a lot of recording equipment to Mash so he now has his own small studio. Mash’ dream is to open a studio in his home town Taiama where there are many street youth and give back to those still on the margins of society. 

Recent Mash tracks: Gal Dem Dae Bread ‘n’ Butter,  Static,  Nor Yagbah

Mash first came to the UK in November 2018 to take part in the with1voice summit where he created a track about homelessness which features Frank Turner and people from around the world with experience of homelessness Have You Ever Thought About?. He also performed in Rotterdam in September 2018 when the Prince Claus Fund invited him and he appeared at WORM an avantgardistic theatre and arts space.  Mash P is one of WAYout’s most talented artists. He played live at the Freetown Music Festival and had his own show in Freetown in November 2022.

He has a new album ‘The Time Has Come’ out soon and his first album “Mr President- Wat Ar Gwan?” is on bandcamp During Frank Turner’s visit to Sierra Leone, Mash recorded After the Jungle which featured Frank.The video for Bread ‘n’ Butter, directed by Josta Hopps, has been official selection in many international film festivals, a finalist and award winner.

Real name Nathaniel Sesay, he also starred in WAYout’s first feature film The Choice and is a star photographer. Several of his photographs were exhibited in the  UNSEEN exhibition in London, Manchester and Portland, USA.


Nobody Mi Nor Wait

I could Never Run Away

Without You ft Natasha

No Justice for the Poor 

Larmor Du’unc

Mr President


Different Story