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WAYout works  with street youth and disadvantaged young people, offering them the opportunity to have a voice through creative expression and to learn skills that can lead to employment or re-engagement with education or simply open the door back home.

There is little doubt about the power of the camera to bear witness, influence others and provide a voice for the silent.

Approximately 30% of the 18-35 year olds we work with were combatants during the ten year conflict – a volatile and excluded minority who felt society had rejected them, who were unemployed and had nowhere to live.  But now, following the opportunities offered them by WAYout, they have other goals in life and people are no longer afraid of them. We are committed to continue working with ex combatants.

WAYout also works with NGOs and other organisations working in similar areas or providing support to marginalised groups- such as Advocaid, GOAL, Street Child, Pikin Paddy, Marie Stopes, Africa Youth Circle and Emergency.

WAYout is not about statistics although we are proud to quote them-(see below). For us it is about knowing the individuals and not giving up on them. We are prepared to keep trying until we find what works for each young person.  We have had considerable success supporting youth to change their lives.

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WAYout’s flagship project is based in Sierra Leone using music and film to enable disadvantaged and conflict affected young people to express themselves. We provide studio space, access to equipment, training and opportunities so that they can tell their stories or explore issues that matter to them. The young people benefit from the projects creatively, socially and economically. Creatively, providing an opportunity to produce work and explore their experiences and talents;  socially, providing an opportunity to voice their opinions and feelings and economically, providing them with job opportunities and security for their future.

WAYout hub offers:
Training- free media and music training by professionals
Studio space and equipment – free music recording studio available
Films and videos- we support users to promote their films into festivals and cinemas

Chill-out space- for those who just want somewhere safe to be or to exchange ideas

Editing and shooting facilities- free to our users

Support and advice- technical or personal

Rehearsal and work space-either to create a drama or to meet a client

Competitions- WAYout runs a variety of arts competitions.
WAYout provides music scholarships to students wanting to study at Ballanta, the only music academy in Sierra Leone.
WAYout donated equipment to other organisations working with street and disadvantaged young people like iEARN Sierra Leone and Ballanta Music Academy


TOTAL 2700 young people have come to WAYout since we opened the studio 

Total 640 certificates given in filmmaking, script writing, song writing, editing, journalism, studio engineering and photoshop.

Over 500,000 in audience figures

64 street youth into homes

50 members of the WAY street film group.