WAYout’s work in prison

After being closed for months the male and female prisons have opened their gates and we are back running sessions in both prisons and the recording studio is once again recording some of the very talented people incarcerated.

In November 2019 WAYout was invited to set up a studio in the men’s prison. We had been going in with the mobile studio for several weeks and the guards noticed a drop in troublesome behaviour and an increase in socialising. So we adapted a small room and the Joe Strummer Foundation donated the equipment for us to set up a permanent studio with imac for design and editing.

Frank Turner performs in the men's prison

Frank Turner performs in the men’s prison

We continue our work in the female Correctional Centre where the choir has been very successful following a visit from Music Action International. We also run classes in photoshop and drawing and were all set to put on an exhibition partnering with Advocaid but corona virus has put that on hold. We hope to do it in the future.

The choir perform in the women's prison

The choir perform in the women’s prison