The Joe Strummer Foundation Studio

Thanks to the Joe Strummer Foundation, WAYout has two studios and a mobile studio. Studio One is where we create new beats for both new musicians and established WAYout musicians like Black Street and Mash P. Studio engineers are John Kalokoh and Gibrilla Kamara who were trained by James Adams- also sponsored by JSF. Producers are Kaikai, Solo and Thomas ‘Wise’ Amara. Studio two is a smaller studio where young people who hope to be producers, learn how to use logic and practice their skills. The mobile studio goes out into the provinces where there is no access to studios and also into the men’s prison to work with inmates. JSF also brought Frank Turner over to Freetown in March 2017 and he visited four communities in desperate need of support where WAYout now offers training and facilities. Frank in Freetown. Frank also recorded tracks in the studio with Mash P and Black Street Family and this track of Meekys









Studio 1, Producer Solo with Engineer Gibo and artist Mash P








Mobile studio setting up in a bedroom in Tombu with engineer  John










guitars 1


Members learning guitar

Frank Turner

Frank Turner